about Blitz Wars

BlitzWars is a modern warfare strategy game, not much unlike known turn based board games – only with way better animations and bigger explosions.

You'll be playing against 2-7 computer opponents on countless maps from small to extremely huge. Starting with 2 or 3 Territories and a few units, your goal is to expand and conquer every other territory. Just until you are the only one left!

BlitzWars – Modern warfare strategy game with big tanks and lots of explosions.
From small skirmishes to epic battles – this game is suitable for every occasion.


The goal in Blitzwars is pretty simple:

destroy everyone in your way!

You will start the game with only 3 or 4 territories. On each of the territories are a few units that can defend or attack.

You need at least 2 units on a territory to attack your opponents. Click on the unit you want to use and drag it towards the territory you want to attack

A red arrow will follow you finger telling you what your chances are to win this fight

Fights are decided by dices. Each fighting unit throws one dice. The result of all your attacking units in a sum will decide whether you won or lost. You need a higher result than the defender to win the fight.

When you win the fight all but one of your units move to the newly conquered territory. The last unit goes back to defend the territory they came from

If you loose the attack, all your units get destroyed – except the one that is fleeing to the previous territory. However, if your result was close... your enemy might suffer the consequences, too!

Once per round you can move your units from one territory to another. But be aware, that afterwards your units will no longer be available. They can neither fight nor move until the next round.

At the end of your turn, you will get new units, according to the number of territories you occupy. You can choose one of three options to distribute your new units:

  • REINFORCEMENT – new units come from outside the battlefield. It is not possible for the units to cross other territories on their way to their destination. Therefore they can only reach your territores at the border of the map
  • TRANSPORT – to get your units into the center of the battlefield, they can be droped off an airplane. However, the transport is risky and you will loose 25% of the units during transport.
  • PRODUCTION – if you have any factories on your territories, you can produce the units yourself. This is the most efficient option, because every factory produces +1 additional unit each round.

  • CONSTRUCTION – you need to build factories first, before you can produce your units. Each factory costs 5 units. Build them somewhere in the middle of the map and protect them, because they can easily be destroyed.

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